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Do you intend to clean your home thoroughly right after renovation works? Would you like to be able to move into your refurbished home as soon as possible, without spending hours cleaning after the workers? Get help fromĀ qualified after builders cleaning team in Shoreditch. We have been thoroughly cleaning renovated homes in the area for a long time and are known for always achieving top results. With our detailed cleaning package, you can be sure your home will be left spotless. All you have to do is call 020 3404 6791 and we'll be with you shortly.

Highly Meticulous Builders Clean

You can rely on your local experts for thorough cleaning of your home after renovation. Will we come equipped to attack and remove paint and plaster stains of the hard and soft surfaces in your home. As part of our detailed builders cleaning in Shoreditch we will even collect and dispose of any debris the builders might have left behind. The cleaning package includes:

  • De-liming and de-scaling of tiles in bathroom and kitchen
  • Spot cleaning of walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning of fixtures and fittings, doors and door frames, wainscoting and skirting boards
  • Professional cleaning of hard floors, rugs, carpets and upholstery
  • Cleaning of window sills, frames and glass
  • Polishing of hard floors and furniture
  • Cleaning of toilet, sinks and bathtubs

What Makes The Cleaning After Renovation Team Stand Out?

As we are the first choice of customers inShoreditch when in need of a deepĀ builders clean, we prepare all technicians to deliver top-notch services. With time we have worked hard on improving the cleaning services we provide, and are very proud with the long list of satisfied customers we have. In the list below you can find more benefits that have greatly appealed to our customers.

builders cleaning services Shoreditch E1

  • Hire your local team at day and time of your choice
  • Save time and money when booking more than one of our services, at the same time. For example, order waste-clearance after the builders clean and stop worrying about the piles of refuse left behind. Or, if part of the renovation includes a new kitchen, our kitchen fitting services are what you ought to book along the post builder clean
  • Because we care for your health and the planet we live on, all experts use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • We offer services at some of the lowest prices in the area

Book Detailed After Builders Cleaning Services Now!

Contact us now - dial 020 3404 6791 and let us make your home pristine! Our customer care representatives are expecting your call around the clock, ready to offer you no obligation quotes and guidance through the booking process. If you prefer to learn more, or to book after-builders cleaning, online, use our instant chat feature for immediate answers to your questions, or our contact form to receive a call back from a member of the team at a moment that suits you.

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